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(1) Ideology and simplicity of handbag scheme
Text typesetting scheme is not an end in itself. The purpose of the scheme is to convey customer information very well. For a successful typesetting, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the client, and to deepen understanding, inspection and discussion of all aspects related to the scheme.
Graphic art can only be touched by readers in limited space, which requires that the typesetting layout should be simple and concise. Emphasizing simplicity and conciseness is not monotonous and simple, but the concentrated disposal of information. The concise expression of content is based on the new and common artistic conception of the Children's Palace. Therefore, the simplification of the layout not only includes the scheme and refinement of the content of the appeal, but also touches on the composition skills of the layout method.
(2) Artistic and decorative design of handbag
The ultimate goal of text format scheme is to effectively convey information to the audience and to perform the best appeal effect. In order to make the text layout serve the layout content very well, it is very important to seek reasonable layout visual language. After the theme is clear, the layout scheme and expression method become the center of the layout art. It is necessary for layout scheme and expression method to conform to the theme idea and strengthen the overall scheme so as to achieve the common artistic value of layout scheme.
The format of the text has to express the theme of the content, strengthen the audience's attention and understanding, but also beautiful and generous, the performance of aesthetic rules, so as to achieve the common content and methods.
(3) Interest and originality
Interest in typesetting mainly refers to the situation in which the method is beautiful. It is a vivid layout visual language. The layout is full of interest, which makes the media information like a tiger add wings, and plays a key role in the transmission of spirit, so as to attract more people and more moving. Interest function can be achieved by means of fable, humorous and harmonious expression.
Initiative criterion is essentially the criterion that highlights the characteristics.
The distinct characteristic is the soul of conception formed by typesetting. More features and less commonalities, more originality and less commonality in the composition of the layout can win the favor of consumers.
(4) Harmony of wholeness
Character typesetting is a bridge to convey information. The perfect way to pursue it is necessary to match the ideological content of the theme. This is the foundation of the layout. The layout is not successful because it only emphasizes the expression method but neglects the content, or only seeks the content with little artistic expression.
Focusing on the harmony criterion of text typesetting is to strengthen the structure and color correlation of various layout elements in the layout. The overall layout of the layout and the harmonious arrangement between the texts and pictures can make the layout orderly and orderly, so as to achieve better visual effect.
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