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1. Gold stamping: The scientific name is hot press transfer printing, referred to as hot transfer printing, commonly known as gold stamping and silver stamping. There's also a cold offset.
2 UV:就是紫外线,UV是简称,“UV透明油”才是全称,就是靠紫外线映照才干枯燥固化油墨。UV通常是丝印工艺,如今也有胶印UV。
2 UV: Ultraviolet, UV is abbreviated as "UV transparent oil" is the full name, which depends on ultraviolet radiation to dry curing ink. Usually UV is a screen printing process, but now there are offset UV.
3 击凸、压纹:学名为压印,靠压力使承印物体产生部分变化构成图案的工艺,是金属版腐蚀后成为压版和底版两块停止压合。分为廉价的普通腐蚀版和昂贵的激光雕琢版两种。
3 punching convex and embossing: the technology of embossing, which relies on pressure to make part of the printed object change to form a pattern, is that the metal plate becomes the embossing plate and the bottom plate stop pressing after corrosion. There are two kinds of low-cost common etching plate and expensive laser engraving plate.
4 啤:广东的发音为“鳖”,就是模切的意义。
4 Beer: The pronunciation of Guangdong is "turtle", which means moulding.
5 金聪:就是在纸上先过一层胶水,再往胶水上撒金粉。
Jin Cong: It is to put a layer of glue on the paper first and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue.
6 YO:就是弹簧一样物体,塑料居多,普通用在挂历和笔记本的书脊上,翻页衔接用的。
6 YO: It's a spring-like object, most of which are made of plastic. It's commonly used on the spine of calendar and notebook, and it's used for turning pages.
7 过胶: 给印好的纸张压一层透明的塑料胶膜,有水晶膜、光膜和亚光膜,很多中央叫法有些不同,不环保。
7 glue-passing: Press a transparent plastic film on the printed paper. There are crystal film, light film and Matt film. Many central terms are somewhat different, which is not environmentally friendly.
8 针孔: 也叫针线、牙线,就是给纸张压出一道半衔接的线条,通常呈现在包装启齿处。
8 pinholes: also known as needle thread, dental floss, is to press a semi-cohesive line for paper, usually presented at the opening of the packaging.
9 打孔:就是按请求按尺寸给一张纸或N张纸弄个洞出来,有特地的打孔机。
9 punching: It is to make a hole in a sheet of paper or N sheets of paper according to the size requested. There is a special punching machine.
10 植绒:就是给纸上刷层胶,然后贴一层相似绒毛的物质,让纸看起来和摸上去有点绒布的觉得。
Flocking: It is to brush the paper with glue and then paste a similar layer of fluff to make the paper look and feel a little fluffy.
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