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  Printing and molding of Jinan handbag
  (1) clean the bottom plate of the die-cutting machine, stick on the double-sided adhesive tape, and then lay a layer of thick cardboard with a ration of about 500g / m2, so that it can firmly stick on the bottom plate. (2) start the die-cutting machine to stop the indentation of the thick cardboard, and the thick cardboard will show deep groove after multiple times of heavy pressing. Pay attention not to fracture the cardboard.
  Customized handbag
  (3) reduce the molding pressure, put in the paper and press out the folding trace. This kind of crease should have a certain depth, so that it is not easy to run the line when folding by hand, but it should not be too deep, so that the paper is crushed or split after folding. Perhaps due to the excessive plastic deformation at the crease, the portable paper bag is easy to split in the current use, affecting the service life. Especially in the process of stopping the indentation of kraft paper, because the kraft paper is brittle, toughness is not as good as that of copper plate paper, it is necessary to control the molding pressure exactly.
  In order to make the portable paper bag easy to fold and avoid fracturing, the following points should be noted. (1) the pad paper shall be of sufficient thickness; (2) the pad paper shall be pressed out of the groove mark before molding; (3) the pressure during the formal molding shall be appropriate; (4) along the wire thread direction of the paper, the paper is easy to fold, and the molding pressure can be smaller; while perpendicular to the wire thread direction of the paper, the paper is difficult to fold, and the molding pressure can be added locally.
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