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  There are many types of paper for desk calendar printing, and the choice of paper will also have a great impact on the quality of later picture books. What kind of paper type is suitable for desk calendar printing?
  Duplex copperplate
  Under normal circumstances, there will be a layer of white paint on the surface of the paper. Most of the paper will have a better feeling. It will look smoother with the naked eye. When light refraction is encountered, reflection will occur, and it will be more.
  Double offset printing paper
  What we are talking about here is that the double offset printing paper is usually ordinary printing paper. The surface of this kind of printing paper looks white, and most of the paper is better. In addition to promoting album printing, people also like to use it as printing paper.
  3. Paperless printing
  Stupid paper is a kind of paper widely used in calendar printing products. The thickness of printing paper is moderate, and there is no other smoothness of printing paper. Most of the surface will have a matte effect. It is also a high-quality printing paper and the product used in printing calendar is very suitable.
  Table calendar printing calendar needs to pay attention to:
  I. font problems
  (1) some font libraries have different description methods, and the output of strokes overlapped will overlap. Be careful!
  (2)含有中英文特殊字符的段落文本容易出现问题,如“li, @,★”等。
  (2) paragraph text containing Chinese and English special characters is prone to problems, such as "Li, @, ★".
  (3) using the new standard GBK word library to solve the problem of rare word loss.
  (4) if the font is too thin, it is better not to use more than 3 kinds of color aliasing, such as (c10m30y80). Similarly, it should not be used for dark background anti white characters. Inevitably, you need to give the reverse white edge, which is suitable for similar background color or monochrome printing (usually black K).
  Second, gradual change
  Common problems are: such as red → black gradient, setting error: (M100 → k100) it will be hard to see in the middle! The correct setting should be like this: (M100 → m100k100) it will be understood after careful analysis, and so on.
  (2) transparent gradient is suitable for network graphics, and gray-scale map can also be used, but the output cannot be used after completion, because the spatial mixing mode is RGB, and the screen mixing color and printing CMYK are too different. Pay close attention.
  (3) the gradient of the black part is not too low. For example, 5% is black. Because of the output options of black overprinting, less than 10% of black people are usually used to replace overprinting, which leads to a problem. In addition, be careful when using pure black light.
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