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  Jinan label printing also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, bright color, small shrinkage and expansion rate. If the corrosion resistance is poor, it is easy to age and fade, and the label made is not durable, it will affect the sales and use of the goods. If the shrinkage and expansion rate are large, it will not only affect the overprint accuracy, but also make the label deformed in use, affecting the sales and use of goods. In particular, the label of high-end goods should try to avoid the embarrassing situation that the goods have not expired, and the label has aged (label aging includes plastic aging, ink fading and other reasons). If necessary, the plastic or label shall be tested for aging resistance and its performance.
  Four aspects of appearance quality of self-adhesive label material1. 检查不干胶标签材料是否有毛边,滚筒不干胶标签材料边缘是否光滑、清洁、无损伤,确保不干胶标签印刷质量。
  1. Check whether there is burr on the label material of self-adhesive and whether the edge of the label material of roller self-adhesive is smooth, clean and undamaged to ensure the printing quality of the label.
  2. When the adhesive material is cut, when the cutter is adjusted or the blade is not sharp enough, the cotton paper or paper end of the adhesive material will crack, and the fiber pulled out will be a kind of adhesive rod. The cracks can be continuous or random. The adhesive material may appear on one side of the drum or on both sides of the drum. So rubber material on the last printing machine, carefully check the backing paper and cotton paper to see if there are small cracks. Then take a roll of paper, peel it off at the end of the paper, and check whether there is any crack between the paper below and the paper below. Because the cracks are sometimes very small, only the paper at the bottom is separated and tissue can be found. It is worth noting that ink and adhesive will gradually accumulate in the printing process until the printer's guide roller, which will also cause the edge crack of adhesive material. So, even if it has started printing, the above problems can not be ignored.
  3、不干胶材料边缘是否粘连,背衬片水硅氧烷涂布,在边缘或背衬纸不干胶材料附着涂层区域的部分硅油渗漏,在印刷过程中会造成纸张排气光滑断裂,不能正常生产。因此,印品上约有1米的材料粘接,另一方面在剥离前很长时间看边缘或其他部位的剥离都没有顺利进行。通常,组织和纸粘附的底部边缘的粘合剂材料发生在整个辊式涂布切削体积,并且通常只发生在外层7 - 10米,所以,遇到鼓胶粘剂材料的切割边缘附着,不立即断言,整个卷纸这个问题。
  3. Whether the edge of the adhesive material adheres or not, the backing film is coated with hydrosiloxane, and the part of silicone oil in the edge or the coating area of the adhesive material of the backing paper leaks, which will cause the paper to exhaust smoothly and break during the printing process, and cannot be produced normally. Therefore, there is about one meter of material bonding on the printed matter. On the other hand, the peeling of edges or other parts did not go on smoothly for a long time before peeling. Generally, the adhesive material at the bottom edge of tissue and paper adhesion takes place in the whole roll coating cutting volume, and usually only takes place in the outer layer of 7 - 10 meters. Therefore, when the cutting edge of drum adhesive material is adhered, it is not immediately asserted that the whole roll of paper is a problem.
  4. Check whether the cutting end face of the roller self-adhesive material is flat and whether the winding tightness is consistent. If the cutting end face of the roller self-adhesive material is uneven, not only the printing registration will be affected, but also the change of the die-cutting position and the waste discharge will be difficult; the inconsistent winding will cause the change of the paper tension during printing, and the uneven tension will also cause the printing quality problem.
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