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  In printing, the paper collecting system is related to the paper feeding system, positioning system, paper conveying system, water conveying ink system, paper collecting system, etc. How to solve the problem of uneven collection? As a Jinan album printing company, we summarize the following aspects:
  1. 本文系统
  1. This system
  The paper conveying system includes an oscillating device, a paper conveying roller and a chain. The standard status is as follows:
  Swinging device. When the cam is on the minimum swing surface, the tension of the spring is slightly larger. At this time, the gap between the roller and the cam should be kept at 20 steel wires. When the swing device is connected with the pre roll roll, the horizontal space between the tooth pads is about 20 wires.
  Paper transfer system function unit. The paper in diaoli is about 2-4mm. The angle of carving shall be greater than 450 degrees. Diao's front end should be horizontal.
  2. 给水系统
  2. Water supply system
  为了保证纸张的正常稳定,我们必须把握好以下几点:压纸脚——一定要平衡。纸堆正面低于整洁的纸块2 ~ 3mm,吸纸嘴应吸纸到位,放纸应尽快退回。吸纸嘴在吸纸状态下应降至点,运转平稳。压脚、分离吸纸嘴、通过吸纸嘴与导纸辊的时间协调应处于标准状态。
  In order to ensure the normal stability of paper, we must grasp the following points: presser foot - must be balanced. The front side of the paper pile is 2 ~ 3mm lower than the clean paper block, the paper suction nozzle should be in place, and the paper should be returned as soon as possible. The paper suction nozzle shall be lowered to the lowest point in the paper suction state, and the operation shall be stable. The time coordination of presser foot, separating the paper suction nozzle and passing the paper suction nozzle with the first paper guide roller shall be in the standard state.
  3. Positioning system (GPS)
  The positioning system includes front pressure gauge, point pressure gauge and side pressure gauge. Their criteria are as follows:
  1)规则之前。两个前规在同一水平线上,这样每个单位的纸张传输系统之间的纸张倾角在2 ~ 4mm的范围内。此时前规是固定的,不要随意移动。
  1) Before the rules. The two front gauges are on the same horizontal line, so that the paper inclination between each unit's paper transmission system is within the range of 2-4mm. At this time, the front gauge is fixed, do not move at will.
  (2) Electric teeth. Lower the front gauge and put the paper in place. At this time, the distance between the front end of the electric tooth and the front end of the paper is about 1mm.
  (3) side gauge. The oscillator just dips the paper with its teeth, while the side gauge just presses the paper up. At this time, the paper should be under the joint control of the two, and the maximum height raised should be greater than 450.
  4. 冲压系统
  4. Stamping system
  Clean the plate cylinder and blanket cylinder, press in the fuse, and measure the thickness of the pressed fuse and the pressure thickness between the two rollers.
  5. 纸系统
  5. paper system
  (1) Before and after plate making, the front and rear positions and printing specifications should be numbered; the chain just put paper, and the edge cardboard just moved out; (3) the suction wheel should be stable after absorbing paper; the gap between the rear suction wheel and the lower suction port is about 20 wires; (5) the ball opening angle should be about 20; the suction force of the wind wheel decreases from the middle to both sides, and so on.
  6. 给水油墨系统
  6. Water supply ink system
  (1) In normal printing, the ink on the ink roller is uniform but not large. When listening carefully, the ink is smooth and silent, and the printed matter is thick.
  To grasp the moisture, do not dirty the print, and print full thickness, the smaller the better.
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