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  Rice is one of the more difficult grains to preserve. For many years, people have been exploring rice fresh-keeping coating and packaging materials, rice air conditioning packaging and other aspects. There are many packaging methods for rice on the market, such as vacuum bag packaging and adding deoxidizer packaging. Vacuum bag packaging is the most commonly used fresh-keeping technology in rice sales packaging. Vacuum bags play a very good role in the storage and sales of rice, but in the circulation process, external forces believe that sometimes the operation will produce a very small bag breaking rate. What information should rice vacuum packaging bag include? What is the design focus of rice vacuum bag? "Since the country is very strict with the food industry, we will naturally pay more attention to it." Let's take a look at the description of Jinan packaging printing factory:
  Notes on the design of rice packaging bag我们常用的大米真空包装袋包含的信息包括:产品介绍、产品名称、商标、产品标准代码、生产日期、储存方法、保质期、产地、地址、电话、营养成分表、防护标志、条形码等产品信息。这些普通大米真空袋上的信息是关于产品的消费者信息,它不仅给了消费者对产品的信任,也是销售中的一个亮点。
  The information contained in our commonly used rice vacuum packaging bag includes: product introduction, product name, trademark, product standard code, production date, storage method, shelf life, place of origin, address, telephone number, nutrient composition table, protection mark, bar code and other product information. The information on these ordinary rice vacuum bags is about the consumer information of the product, which not only gives the consumer trust in the product, but also is a bright spot in the sales.
  With the progress and development of society, food quality and safety has become the focus of attention, so rice vacuum bag mainly focuses on the following points: first, whether rice vacuum bag has added nutrition labels, these consumers are the most effective nutrition information, which will bring consumers a certain sense of trust.
  The second is QS quality and safety license. QS quality and safety shows the supervision of relevant departments], which also enables customers to have a better sense of trust in the third storage mode. Specific provisions should be made to avoid unnecessary losses to customers. This makes customers feel that we are still very human. Fourth, we should pay attention to the design of vacuum rice packaging bag. There are some physical objects that highlight the product and provide customers with some highlighted requirements.
  At present, the family population is small, people's concept is constantly changing, the transportation and packaging of rice are small in volume and light in the process of sales, on the basis of determining the fresh-keeping effect, more potential is explored.
  Refrigerator is a common low temperature storage environment冰箱在日常生活中是一种常见的低温储存环境。在炎热潮湿的夏天,大米可以储存在寒冷的房间里。贮藏时间对水稻贮藏品质的变化有很大的影响。因此,河南博猫棋牌厂建议不要一次买很多东西。在两个月内,每次购买的时机都会更好。大米真空包装的发展趋势是消费者可以在短时间内被消费者消费。
  Refrigerator is a common low temperature storage environment in daily life. In hot and humid summer, rice can be stored in cold rooms. The storage time has a great influence on the storage quality of rice. Therefore, Henan packaging and printing factory suggests not to buy many things at a time. In two months, the timing of each purchase will be better. The development trend of rice vacuum packaging is that consumers can be consumed in a short time.