来源:   日期:2020-03-23


  If the paper fiber content is low, there will be wool or even slag phenomenon. The paper wool will adhere to the blanket or plate, causing the plate dirty, affecting the transfer, directly damaging the clarity of the printed matter, greatly reducing the printing quality. General paper has similar problems, but Jinan printing factory should take reasonable measures to minimize the impact of paper falling off or slagging on printing.
  In addition to the improper selection of fillers and adhesives due to the low surface strength of the paper, compaction is also one of the reasons for the loss of the paper surface. In addition, it can also be generated in the case of high-speed printing.
  In general, the paper products are of poor quality. In addition to recommending the printing factory to improve the product quality as soon as possible and require the return of the products, the operators of Jinan printing factory can also take corresponding remedial measures according to the specific situation of the printing paper:
  1、 Paper, due to reasons such as raw materials and production process in Jinan printing and printing process may be de powdered, wool, rubber cloth surface accumulation, thus affecting the transfer of the website. In serious cases, every thousands or so of printing must be scrubbed, blankets or pasted with powder to send, and the gloss of printing products is significantly reduced. In good conditions, the paper surface overprint with a layer of white ink and water, generally should be wiped dry blanket.
  2、 Adjust the viscosity of the ink properly, add a proper amount of adhesive and diluent into the ink, reduce the viscosity of the ink, so as to improve the adhesion of the ink to the paper. Because the ink viscosity is too large also easy to make paper off.
  3、 Jinan printing machine should adjust the printing pressure to reduce the pressure between the rubber roller and the embossing roller. Or choose the right printing speed, reduce the speed. In this way, after imprinting, the peel tension between the blanket and the paper can be reduced.
  4、 It is easy to lose paper, such as offset paper, relief paper, letter paper, etc. before publicity, the paper must be dried, and the paper, paper powder, paper ash, dust and broken paper on the surface of the paper shall be cleaned.
  Through the above four preventive measures, Jinan printing factory basically avoids the impact of falling off on the printing quality.