来源:   日期:2020-04-02


  With the development of society, more and more printing factories have been born. When we work, there are often various problems. One of them is that the phenomenon of "gluing" is becoming more and more serious. In view of this, we want to master its solutions. Here's how Jinan printing factory introduces its solutions:
  1. Try to use paper with solid texture, even pulp and smooth surface.
  2. Adjust the contact pressure between the ink roller, the ink roller and the water roller, the plate and the water roller.
  3. Ensure that the ink is clean and free of ink residue, paper wool and other impurities, and stir the ink in the ink. Clean the drum regularly and keep it clean.
  4. Plates and rubber pads must be flat and clean.
  5. 压力应略高于正常:
  5. The pressure should be slightly higher than normal:
  尽量不要转动压力表,以免产生摆动角度影响套印的现象,我们在取胶垫时要增加0.09 ~ o。15毫米衬纸法。
  Try not to turn the pressure gauge to avoid the phenomenon that the swing angle affects the overprint. We need to increase 0.09 ~ o when we take the rubber pad. 15 mm liner method.
  For the two-color machine: one color needs to increase the liner, and two colors cannot be moved. For the four-color machine, one color needs to increase the liner, three colors, four colors remain unchanged, and one color needs to be slightly thicker than the two-color liner.
  这将导致0.01 ~ 0.02mm的变化,在套印时不会造成太大的误差。
  This will lead to a change of 0.01 ~ 0.02mm, which will not cause too much error in overprinter.
  6. Ink with appropriate additives to reduce ink viscosity:
  General graphic products should be added 3% to 5% of the removal of adhesive and 1% to 3% of the ink.
  (2) For the products with sticky ink on site, not only the degumming agent and ink oil, but also about 2% powder should be added.
  When printing gold and silver, adding 2% to 3% degumming agent can also reduce the phenomenon of "gluing". Flat water roller should reduce the amount of material to avoid floating.
  Velvet water roller can increase the supplement quantity. For high-quality requirements, coated paper should be minimized or do not need to add materials to ensure the brightness of ink. It is not suitable to remove the glue for the requirements of glue hanging.
  It is normal for Jinan printing factory to find the phenomenon of "gluing". If we find any problems, we should solve them immediately so as not to delay our work progress and affect the quality of our products in the future. Only in this way can we be welcomed by our customers.