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  Color box packaging is the defense line of enterprise product display. Now, both e-commerce enterprises and traditional enterprises will try their best to optimize the color box packaging to attract more customers' attention. If there is no excellent color box packaging, many products are easy to be ignored, thus reducing the sales volume. So now customized color box packaging is very popular with major enterprises. Jinan packaging printing factory tells us how to design color box packaging to attract customers?
  1. 明亮的颜色
  1. Bright color
  Packaging with its unique shape, bright colors and exquisite patterns, so that consumers have a strong interest. The beauty of color is the easiest to feel, and it is also the factor that determines the sales. The color design of packaging and decoration, attached to graphics and words, is not only beautiful and easy to meet people's requirements, but also highly coordinated with people's psychological feelings. The pattern should be combined with the color of the goods to set off the goods and fully reflect the characteristics of the brand trademark, so that consumers can immediately identify the products from the trademark and the overall packaging pattern.
  2. 独特的设计
  2. Unique design
  Being good at innovation, not divorced from the society and the times, and making superficial new creation in an ordinary form is a powerful weapon to attract the eyes. Carton can be used as the starting point to improve user experience, with interactive packaging design concept, and finally improve the product in contact with consumers. For example, tmall now uses cats to package products and interact with customers, while three squirrels use squirrels as corporate images to reflect the unique characteristics of products.
  In fact, at present, only pursuing aesthetic design and emphasizing functional requirements can not meet people's needs. Humanized design is more in line with the values of modern people. With the development of economy and technology, the competition between commodities has risen from the practical value level to the added value level. High value-added packaging design is more in line with the needs of the times, the design is more humanized, and the distance with customers is longer.
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