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  How many processes are there in a printing plant? Speaking of the helplessness of the printing factory, I think as a member of the printing factory every day, especially those who have 14 years of printing experience, they have the right to speak. Here, the small editors of the printing company come to talk about the reason why printing is helpless, mainly reflected in where.
  The comprehensive factors of the quality of printing products include not only the design of printing documents, the design of CMYK printing value, and the quality of paper. These factors determine the quality of a product. Compared with general electronic products, the quality of electronic products can be judged by testing and testing, but different printed products need to be observed with the naked eye. Different people have different views on beauty, which determines the qualified rate of products. Of course, this is the case when there is no major problem with the products.
  I remember one time, when printing to a customer, after the sample is qualified, the production is started according to the sample, but the customer refuses to accept it when the shipment is made. The customer's reason is that the product is not qualified, but Jingxing Printing Factory can ensure that it is consistent with the sample, but the customer refuses to accept it, and Jingxing Printing Factory has no choice but to re-produce. Especially for color boxes such as gift box packaging and printing, wine box packaging and printing, the requirements are more stringent.
  It is difficult to check the color of a printing product. Even if the value of the difference is different, the color printed is different. Although it is very small, the customers can refuse it. It is not only necessary for the quality inspection to be sensitive to the color, but also for the text of the printed product to be compared. Patience is also very important.
  In writing, a decimal point is enough to scrap the whole batch of goods. Therefore, working in a printing factory is the development of the declining market economy in recent years. More and more enterprises begin to decline. More and more enterprises are attributed to the adjustment of China's economic structure and the rise of new industries. All walks of life are in a difficult period. Printing factories belong to parasitic enterprises and other products. The better the industry develops, the better the development of printing plants can be, but with the transformation of market economy, printing enterprises are also in crisis.
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