来源:   日期:2019-04-03


1. Focus on the shaping of product image, no matter which kind of enterprise first needs to have a preliminary shaping of the company's image and a targeted product coming out of the market, then the designer begins to stop the preliminary design of the picture album. The main way of expression is to emphasize the common function and beautiful appearance of the product as a breakthrough, cooperate with the clarification of the above words and layout design, so on. Can create a relaxed and happy product image.
2. Every start-up company may choose a product or a main product to present at the beginning, so it is the long-term marketing behavior of an enterprise to focus on shaping a brand as a whole for a single or two main products, from the development of a single product to the establishment of a brand image, and through the brand image to launch a series of products to stabilize the brand to cover up the market. The main purpose of the period strategy is to transfer the products favored by the broad customers to the trust of the brand, so as to produce a broader market. But when this method is operated, it is often difficult to coordinate the image of the product itself and the brand, especially when the two concentrate on performance. Therefore, in the design of enterprise product picture album, besides considering the request of the enterprise, it is necessary to stop careful analysis of the relationship between the two, from the beauty of the shape to the contrast of the color, from the strength of the vision to the convenience of the performance, and so on, to determine the focus of creativity.
3. Exaggeration of interest. In today's market, when products and brands reach a certain share in the market, enterprises focus on the firm image, improve the emotional value-added products, the material consumption of buyers into the enjoyment of the body, so as to make products more attractive.
As for the printing design of enterprise product picture album, we should seriously ponder and consider. Because a small picture album represents the image of our company, it is a special way to stop publicizing the product. The picture album produced requests creativity, excellent manufacture, conforms to the characteristics of the product, and can also absorb customers. Such a picture album of enterprise product is true. Qualified picture albums.