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Self-adhesive labels have been widely used in many industries, especially in cosmetics and cosmetics industry. So let's share the advantages of transparent self-adhesive labels today, including good wettability, excellent water resistance and good oil pollution resistance. It can satisfy the high-speed automatic labeling speed, very beautiful visual effect and so on. The label in the printing market mainly refers to the printed matter which is used to mark the relevant clarification of my product, and most of them are paper labels with self-adhesive on the reverse side. However, there are also some labels which are not taped when printing, which can also be called labels.
Transparent labels, also known as transparent non-stickers, are currently widely used in various industries throughout the country, mainly in the food industry, packaging industry, software industry, machinery and equipment industry packaging or products. The advantages of transparent self-adhesive label include: good wettability, excellent water resistance, good oil resistance, high speed automatic labeling speed, very beautiful visual effect, etc.
There are two main sources of transparent adhesive labels: one is transparent plastic PP material, which is cheap and suitable for low-demand products; the other is transparent PP material, which uses transparent PET backing paper labels with full transparency. The perspective of this material is higher than that of transparent plastic adhesive labels. Signature, but also comparatively strong, can better resist stretching, tearing, now the market is mainly used in high-end soda water label.
In printing, transparent labels can also be divided into two kinds: 1. UV relief printing. This printing method not only has good printing effect, but also shorter printing time. But the defect of relief printing is that the mutation effect of dots is not very ideal. If the mutation demand of screen line starts from 1%, it will easily lead to net breakage. 2. Offset PS plate printing, this printing method can completely prevent the relief off the screen phenomenon, printing mutation is very mild. 3. Digital inkjet printing, this type of printing is a new development trend, which is quite flat in the effect of transparent inkjet data, and has advantages in personalized design tags. It can be dealt with in a very short time for complex design, many colors, and other effects.
The label mentioned in the printing market mainly refers to the printed matter used to identify the relevant clarifications of my products, and most of them are paper labels with self-adhesive on the reverse side. However, there are also some labels without adhesive when printing, which can also be called labels. For example, most beer labels are non-adhesive when printing, and the labels are brushed by manufacturers. Labels are put on by means of stickers, which is also called labels. Therefore, labels with stickers are not necessarily sticky. Labels with stickers are superficially called sticky labels. Transparent stickers are transparent labels or transparent sticky labels.
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