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  Although the special high brightness effect of UV varnish has been recognized by most printing technicians, the performance of UV varnish can not meet the requirements in the process of post printing. At present, UV varnish hot stamping adaptability is not mature, hot stamping quality is not stable. The main reason is that the composition of resin and UV varnish is not suitable for hot stamping. These problems need to be solved by Jinan packaging and printing factory.
  The following is a brief analysis of the difficulties in the development and testing process of UV reservoir sealing.
  (1) In order to form the effect of high brightness, UV varnish must have a certain thickness, but too thick paint layer is not conducive to hot stamping. The thickness of UV offset coating is generally greater than 9g / m.
  (2) In order to ensure the curing performance of UV varnish, special resin and a large number of additives need to be added to UV coating, which will inevitably affect the hot stamping of UV coating surface.
  (3) At present, the compatibility between UV paint resin composition and high temperature and high pressure stamping foil is not good enough to control the stamping of UV paint.
  Therefore, in the printing and packaging, we need to pay attention to the following points in the UV oil surface hot stamping.
  (4) When it is necessary to increase the brightness of ultraviolet oil, it is not recommended to increase the thickness of light oil layer. By adjusting the coating process parameters (coating roll line angle, line number, etc.) and printing equipment performance (printing pressure, printing speed, etc.), improve the smoothness and brightness of the coating layer.
  (5) Reasonable selection of stamping materials can make rubber layer have good affinity with UV varnish resin.
  (6) Accurately adjust the hot plate temperature and pressure, because too high pressure and temperature will damage the surface performance of the ink, making hot stamping more difficult. At the same time, the stamping speed should not be too fast.
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