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  Handbags are cheaper and popular. There are few handbags to take with you when you go out. The handbag is not only a satisfactory item for the public, but also an important material for the company's image publicity, which has been playing an important role in the outside world. So how to match the printing color of handbags? Here is the introduction of the color matching skills in the handbag printing production of Jinan handbag printing company
  1、 The application of white in the printing and production of handbags, the color of white gives people a sense of heaven, simple temperament, purity, happiness. White has a kind of holy and pure color, which makes people want to break in. If participate in the activity of any other color in white, will affect its purity, make its character change with.
  2、 Application skills of yellow in handbag printing and production. Yellow is a cold, lonely, sensitive, magnifying and disturbing visual and sensory impression. The yellow handbag is the most delicate of all colors. As long as pure yellow is mixed with a small number of other colors, its tone and color temperament will change to a large extent.
  3、 The application of blue in the printing and production of handbags, the color sense of blue is cold, the character is simple and introverted, it is a color that helps the brain of the head become cold and quiet. The simple and introverted character of the blue shopping bag in Beijing is often some colors with active personality and strong expanding and pulling power, which provide a deep, distant and broad Bodhisattva with no cramped space and become the friends who set off the active color.
  Blue is still a color that seems to maintain a strong personality after fading. If you don't take part in a small amount of red, yellow, black, orange, white and other colors in blue, you won't have more influence on the character of blue.
  4、 The application of green in handbag printing and making. Green is a mixture of yellow and blue. Changzhou environmental protection bag in the green, yellow amplification and blue shrinkage phase average, yellow warm and blue cold phase mutual elimination. So the green nature is the most peaceful and stable. It is a soft, quiet, yellow foot, beautiful color.
  5、 Purple should be used in handbag printing. The lightness of purple is the lowest in color. The low brightness of purple gives people a feeling of depression and mystery.
  6、 It's a very exciting and strong color for people. It's a warm feeling with strong integrity and extroversion. The red Chengjie non-woven bag is easy to attract moving attention, and also easy to make people excited, excited, anxious, over excited. There is also a color that can easily make people tired of seeing things.
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