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  There is absolutely no dry glue in the round plane layout of the letterpress printing aluminum foil, because the current contact surface of this type of printing media is relatively small, the pressure is relatively large and random symmetry, Jinan has absolutely no dry glue printing factory to complete the symmetrical transmission of the ink layer layout. However, due to the fact that Jinan label printing foil has absolutely no dry glue printing and hard work, so the plate bottom is flat, how to print ink color in products is more sensitive, if the traditional production process is adopted, such as plywood as the plate bottom.
  Because of the poor fastness, non pressure resistance, poor flatness, uneven free pressure, color is not full, and the ink appears technical defects such as hairiness. Printing aluminum foil from adhesive tape products, should choose the gold version attribute, such as magnetic plate, aluminum plate base chuck, the flatness attribute of the gold plate is very good, the compression strength is high, the printing pressure is completely symmetrical, can print layout dark plump, strong adhesion, affected by bad printing production.
  Because the unique aluminum foil adhesive paper is very difficult, and the resin plate material is soft, so many of the requested relief printing process ladle lining should adopt the rigid material which is not easy to stretch and compress the deformation coefficient, so as to avoid the burr and other defects caused by the pressure hitting the ladle lining, defining the edge line, plate, handwriting deformation, and making it thicker. Yes, the hard cardboard, offset paper and block foundation should be used for the inner packing gasket material. The thin polyester fiber lining the outer layer is not easy to stretch or the cotton bag is used for the inner packing gasket material. The brown paper bag packaging for the outer layer has good glossiness.
  In order to avoid large-scale excavation of the outer lining, if there has never been a dry rubber printing factory in Jinan that needs to hollow out or subsidize the outer lining in the local area, this paper should enter a hole or subsidize the sealing with the rubber, so as to prevent the quality defects such as double shadow and burr caused by the warping of the paper edge.
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