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  Today, there is a big regular printing. Customers communicate the requirements of printing design themes, hoping to get finished products faster. We need to use a lot of printing in the field of work and life. For example, we usually print books by printing a large number of copies and photos. Now even fabrics, glass products, such as surfaces, can be printed. No matter the type of characters or patterns, they can be finished by printing technology. Jinan printing factory provides a lot of convenience for people's life. So what are the requirements for printing documents? Jinan printing factory will give us a brief introduction.
  Printing can perfectly transfer the original to the substrate, but different printing methods have different requirements for the original. In order to achieve better results, the manuscript must conform to the standard to ensure the printing quality. According to the different printers used, the original will be divided into text, pictures, photography and other categories. For text-based manuscript, the most basic guarantee is to be clear, otherwise the printing effect will be more fuzzy. If it is used for photography, the requirements of the text manuscript are higher. Because want to consider the recognition degree of photograph, especially the line draws a few thick black, ability is clearer.
  The printing factory is similar to the above requirements for the original picture type, but special attention should be paid to the color adjustment. It is better to be sensitive to materials, otherwise it is easy to distort the printed image and affect the original image.
  The requirements for photographic originals are complex because there are many kinds of images, such as reflection and transmission. If you do it all according to the requirements, it's easy to make some photos not print as expected. But in principle, it is a unified requirement. For example, the color density should not be too deep or too light. It can be moderate. There must be a certain contrast, but not too much, to be controlled within a reasonable range.
  Jinan printing factory's requirement for original printing is that all employees have accumulated long-term experience. Repeat the practice, in order to know what kind of manuscript is the best, so users should print, and pay attention to these points when preparing the manuscript. Otherwise, it is easy to waste money, the effect of printing is not ideal, resulting in reprinting. It also wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. When preparing a manuscript, make sure it is complete enough to avoid missing pages. If there are specific requirements, the printing factory shall be informed in advance so that the staff can pay attention to the operation. Once the manuscript is confirmed, it cannot be changed, especially if it has been printed.