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Gold scavenging is a special process in the packaging and printing of high-quality products. Special metal powder is attached to the designated parts of commodity packaging or label printing to achieve the golden shining imitation effect.
After multi-color printing production, the prints that can be swept gold are obtained, and then the sheets which need to be swept gold into fine products are transferred to the single or double-color offset press. Viscose undertone is printed on the parts where gold is swept, and then directly transferred to the sweep gold machine. The special gold powder is rubbed and pressed into the undercoat, and the sweeping gold process is completed. If the printer owns a multi-color printing machine and a UV drying device, the on-line gold sweeping can be carried out. That is to say, the printing sheet is printed in the front of the multi-color printing machine and dried sufficiently by the UV device, then the sticky undertone is printed on the last color group, and then the gold sweeping can be carried out through the connecting device into the gold sweeping machine. In the above case, the gold cleaning equipment can be separated from the printer in a few minutes without sweeping gold, so that the printer can carry out ordinary printing.
Sweeping gold has its unique advantages in packaging printing compared with other fine printing processes.
As a widely used process, gold stamping and stamping have many advantages, but there are also some shortcomings. For example, gravure press printing speed is fast, but when printing small characters and thin lines, the deformation is relatively serious, and when printing large areas of gold, the metal texture is not strong enough; as a traditional process, stamping is also strong, but energy consumption is high, efficiency is relatively low, registration is difficult, very small graphics and a large area of stamping, quality. It's not easy to control. The gold sweeping process has the advantages of simple operation, high production speed, low cost, and fine effect regardless of the size of the pattern and area. At the same time, due to the use of fully enclosed mode of work, there is no environmental pollution. In fact, the combination of bronzing and bronzing can often achieve better results.
The following is a brief introduction to the working process of the new gold sweeper.
Usually a flat-sheet two-color offset press is needed to connect with a gold scavenger. The gold scavenger has designed a new folding and flipping sheet paper conveyor, which can be easily unfolded and retracted. When the two need to be online, unfold the sheet-fed conveyor; when the two-color offset press needs to print other products separately, the sheet-fed conveyor can be retracted. We use the color separation negatives of the prints to produce PS plate for the gold scavenger, which is installed on the offset press. By adjusting the rules of the offset press, we can easily complete the alignment work. A thin and uniform viscous ink (commonly known as "sweeping gold coating") is printed on the part where gold powder is needed by PS plate.
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