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  A good calendar requires not only professional design, but also more attention in typesetting. A very simple truth you may all understand, no matter how good the content is, if you can not do a good typesetting when designing, let people see very hard, the production of the calendar can not show its own effect. Today, Xiaobian and everyone to understand the calendar design of the typesetting aspects of what needs attention.
  一、 字号规格
  Size specifications
  In order to better improve the printing calendar and digital professional production effect, the font size specifications of the text also have a variety of choices. There are big and small changes in printed text. Usually, the size of Chinese characters is set to seven grades, arranged in order of one, two, three, four, five, six and seven. Some numbers are added between the sizes and named as small numbers, such as small four, small five, etc. The higher the number of numbers, the smaller the words. Number system is characterized by its simplicity and convenience, and can be used to specify the number without concern for the actual size of the font. At present, the number system is still the current way to express a wide range of font specifications.
  Interestingness and Creativity
  Interest in typesetting design mainly refers to the interest of form. This is a lively layout visual language. If there is not much wonderful content in the layout, it depends on the creation of interest to win, which is also the role of mobilizing artistic means in the conception. Layout is full of interesting, so that the media information such as tiger wings, played a key role in the transmission of spirit, thus more attractive, moving. Interest can be achieved by means of moral, humor and lyricism. The principle of creation is essentially the principle of highlighting individual characteristics. The distinct personality is the creative soul of typesetting design.
  III. Integrity and Coordination
  Typographic design is a bridge to disseminate information. The better product form pursued needs to conform to the theme of the ideological content, which is the foundation of typographic design. Layout is unsuccessful if it only emphasizes the form of expression but ignores the content, or only seeks the content but lacks artistic expression. Only by rationally integrating form and content and strengthening the overall layout can we achieve unique social and artistic value in the layout and solve the problems of what to say, who to say and how to say in the design. Emphasize the principle of layout coordination, that is, to strengthen the layout elements in the layout of the structure and color relevance.
  Often good printing quality can obtain better printing effect, so the printing link of calendar printing products is also a production link that needs to be controlled. In the use of printing paper and printing ink, we should make rational use of them, and select suitable paper and printing ink for calendar printing, so as to be able to survive. We can produce better desktop calendar printing products.