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  Propaganda brochures are the media for enterprises to publicize to the outside world. They are the important windows and platforms for enterprises to show their own brand culture to the public, as well as their own brand, and even the overall strength. They are the important carriers of enterprises'self-packaging. They are the thorns and "faces" of enterprises and represent the image of enterprises. So, when we get the brochure, how should we check whether a brochure is good or bad, and how can we judge whether a brochure is good or bad? Now let's have a brief analysis.
  First, the content outline is set scientifically, rationally and orderly, which is the center and soul of the enterprise brochure. Excellent enterprise brochure can effectively attract readers or potential customers, has outstanding advertising effect, can quickly promote the cooperation between readers or potential customers and enterprises. The average enterprise brochure only publicizes itself, let readers or customers understand the enterprise, but It does not necessarily facilitate collaboration between readers or potential customers and enterprises quickly.
  Generally, small-scale enterprise brochures may have beautiful pictures and exquisite printing, blindly express their products, but the superposition of words and pictures may not be able to clearly and effectively publicize themselves, let's not let readers or potential customers quickly understand the enterprise and thus produce collaboration. With scientific and reasonable content settings and clear content outline, how to make the ability to be recognized by readers, and then move readers to promote collaboration? This requires satisfying two conditions.
  Secondly, how to get the reader's approval, and then move the reader to promote collaboration.
  The content of the brochure should reflect enough advantages and bright spots of the enterprise. What are the advantages and bright spots of the enterprise? This mainly depends on the intention of the brochure. If the publicity brochure is used to attract other enterprises or certain specific groups to join and cooperate, the advantages and highlights should be reflected in the strong inductive strength of enterprises, strong technical and R&D efforts, highly competitive products, advanced operation forms, excellent operation management team, outstanding and feasible enterprise prospects and strategic planning, which can bring recruits to the franchisee. Eye-catching and practical advantages. The overall layout of the publicity brochure should be high-end and high-level in editing and planning, with a strong sense of artistic beauty. Usually, a business publicity brochure or picture album, the reader will not focus on the text content first, but prefer intuitive pictures. Pictures must be the earliest part of the reader's eyes, but also the most eye-catching part, to highlight the theme, clear and beautiful atmosphere, together with pictures and text placement methods should pay attention to changes, absolutely can not be placed in the same way on each page.
  The quality of the brochure we are talking about here is not good or bad on the surface. What we are expressing here is the most intuitive visual sense of content to attract customers, the exquisite workmanship and the transmission of visual effects can make customers more aware of the enterprise, and also learn to evaluate the quality of the brochure, put forward valuable proposals, make more corrections, and make more elaborate brochures.
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