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  For example, for a book, it is estimated that the total print demand in a few years is 8000 copies. Assuming that the printer's initial printing number is 4000 copies and a library can hold 4000 copies of books, is it worth printing 8000 copies at one time or 4000 copies at two times?
  To answer this question, we need to consider the following aspects.
  1. Differences in printing costs
  Compared with 8000 copies printed in one time and 8000 copies printed in two times, the total paper fee, printing fee and binding fee will not increase, but the publishing fee will be doubled in two times.
  Publishing fee = number of copies * 2 * number of copies of text + aspect of publishing fee
  From the above description, it can be seen that the cost of printing twice is higher than that of printing once.
  2. Differences in the use of funds
  After printing 8000 copies at one time, we should invest in the cost of all paper materials. After printing, all books should be put into storage and occupy two storage spaces. The cost of materials occupied by books should be equal to the cost of materials occupied by books (printed sheets * printed sheets * text paper unit price)+ (cover paper * cover paper unit price), and the cost of book storage space should be equal to the cost of additional storage space * single storage space. That is to say, one-time printing takes up twice as much money as two-time printing
  3. Differences in the reader's mind
  In recent years, when purchasing science and technology books, most readers pay more attention to publishing time and reprinting rate. The content of modern forms is new and old. Reprinting representative books is relatively accurate, the quality of books is high, and more people recognize this book. Therefore, such books are relatively good for sale.
  Considering the above three aspects, in order to make full use of the unit's own funds, improve the turnover rate of funds, reduce financing loans, reduce the cost of using the warehouse, and make the book content have further opportunities to improve. At the same time, in order to cater to the reader's psychology, we suggest that the book be printed twice. If there are special circumstances, such as the unit has sufficient funds, and the books to be printed are thicker (the number of printed sheets is larger), the content of the more classical will not change with time. After careful editing and proofreading, 8000 copies can be printed at one time.